Barry and I grew up in the same small New York hometown, never crossing paths. Then one day, about two decades after Barry had moved to Hollywood, we met in that same small hometown...and fell in Love, In a Bar! (We wish it was more exciting...)  Somehow our artistic perspectives are disparate and complementary, fitting seamlessly together and make us the perfect creative wedding photography team. We now call Beacon NY home, but will take a plane, train or automobile to photograph your wedding...




Kim is a Street (Film) Photographer turned Wedding Photographer. I’m half Italian, half Polish and a Libra. #Pierogies  #Cannoli #Balance. I have eaten a veggie burger for breakfast almost every day for the past 12 years. I consider Prosecco a food group. I once quit a Job, to follow The Ramones on a two week Northeast Tour! 

I studied photojournalism and quickly fell in love with the history and purpose of photography and began photographing weddings 17 years ago. My Inspiration is found through the work of Lisette Model, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sally Mann, W. Eugene Smith, Walker Evans, Brassai, Vivian Maier, Berenice Abbott and Mary Ellen Mark.

The day that I truly fell in love with weddings and wedding photography specifically was in 1996. It was the day I saw the image of John F Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. (I think It was either the Star or National Enquirer.) They were walking out of the chapel and John was kissing Caroline’s hand. (The image was captured by one of my favorite photographers and inspirer Dennis Reggie.) When I looked at this image of the two of them, I knew, I wanted to capture moments like that for couples. There was this beautifully voyeuristic quality with a sense of intimacy that I wanted to capture and become a part of.

Prior to documenting weddings I worked in the Hospitality/Wedding industry for most of my life. I worked for wedding venues, wedding designers, restaurants and night clubs. I learned every aspect of event planning, wedding planning, service as well as communication.

During this time I also freelanced as an event photographer. I was lucky enough to document performances and some behind the scenes moments from Yo-Yo Ma, Olympia Dukakis, Wynton Marsalis and Nikki Giovanni, just to name a few.

I love film! I shot Weddings strictly with film for 6 years, before digital was even a thing.

Also, as much as I love photography, I hate having my picture taken.

As far as your wedding...

Think of me as not just your Photographer, but as your Problem Solver as well. I know and understand all the little intricacies that happen during a wedding day. Remember, as a Photographer, I'm the only one that is with both of you the entire day (I see, hear and know everything) and always ten steps ahead of you and everyone else. I can pull together a full days timeline in minutes and also roll with changes to that timeline.

Past Clients have also asked me to assist with planning/professional referrals and even choosing a venue, which I'm more then happy to get involved in. It's nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of and I love to be that person for you. Please ask me about our in-house Planning service!


Barry has been shooting side by side with me and assisting with the business for the past 10+ years. I call him Bar, Honey Bear and Barry D. He is half Irish, half Italian and a Pisces. #Guinness #Braciole #Compassionate. He has a Business degree from St. John Fisher College and also attended Los Angeles City College for Theater.

Barry worked in Hollywood, with a background and expertise in Estate-Project Management/Personal Assistant in the Entertainment Industry. He has worked for and with numerous Celebrities. Among them; Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman, Cher and Music Exec. Tom Whalley to name a few. Barry was, “The Guy”, you would go to for anything. (Similar to Ray Donovan without all the murder, he has some great stories!). Also, he had a short stint of overseeing work in LA at; Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Paul McCartney, The France Family and Macy Family Estates. 

His work experiences in Hollywood were all encompassing and included planning and managing high-end parties/events (Pulp Fiction wrap party, etc…). Barry’s background is a key aspect and invaluable on your wedding day. He’s a master planner, problem solver, go-between and all around fixer.  

Back in the day, Barry created, executive produced (with Danny DeVito), and starred in a little TV show called, The Sport Jerks, which aired on Comedy Central. Currently, he's back in the works on some new TV/Film projects.

Barry's creative background transcends to his photographic eye.

Also Sports Fans: He’s a die hard Vikings, Lakers, *Orioles, LA Kings and NY Cosmos Fan. (*Yankee Fans, please don't hold this against him!)

 “for the past 17+ years we have had the opportunity to meet so many great clients (friends) and their beautiful friends and families. staying close with our past clients and seeing the new chapters in their life has been a gift!”  Lets Grab a cocktail! Cheers! - K + b

“for the past 17+ years we have had the opportunity to meet so many great clients (friends) and their beautiful friends and families. staying close with our past clients and seeing the new chapters in their life has been a gift!”

Lets Grab a cocktail! Cheers! - K + b


Genevieve and Ansel...

In honor of our two fur babies, Genevieve & Ansel who are no longer with us, we donate a portion of our retainers to animal charities. There are so many that do amazing work, two of our favorites are: