Q. What is included in your options?


·       8 hours of  Wedding Day Coverage

·       Photographed by Kim and Barry

·       Pre-Wedding photo consultation and photo timeline development

·       Thorough post production of all images

·       High resolution images accessible through your gallery via Digital Download (with no watermark, received within 45 days)    

·       + An extra set for Social Media use                                              

·       A private online gallery for viewing & ordering prints

·       A minimum of  1000 B&W and color images

·       Our Exclusive Vendor List

Other options available are our GraphiStudio Wedding Books, Engagement sessions, Rehearsal dinner coverage  and additional hours.


Q. How would you describe your style?

A.  Unscripted, journalistic, natural, romantic, unobtrusive and timeless would be the best way to describe my work. What we value is capturing Real Moments and Real Love Beautifully and in a way that compliments each couple uniquely. We like to keep it  personal, steering away from cliché wedding shots and staged moments. So, if you prefer more of the overly posed, traditional wedding photos, we're probably not the right fit for you.  We're here to give you beautiful and truthful pictures, with movement and emotion, that tell your story and represent you.


Q. How do we know you’re the right Photographer for us?

A. I know that when you're searching for a wedding photographer, it can be confusing. There are so many artists to choose from.  It can sometimes be difficult to truly tell what makes one photographer "better" than another.  Some of it is technical, some of it is the photographer's point of view and “eye”.  Some might be the package offerings that they have. Ask yourself what’s important to you.


Q. What makes us different from other wedding photographers?

A. We’ve been in business for almost seventeen years. We’ve shot over five hundred weddings and we’re trained in all technical aspects of wedding photography.  We can create beautiful images for you under any conditions whether it be, rain, snow, bright sunlight, dark rooms, when everyone runs late and your timeline completely crashes, or when it's 120 degrees and 99% humidity. We’re also experienced and accomplished in all aspects of the wedding day: We will help you craft a timeline, answer any and all questions that you have about your wedding day, help refer you to other professionals, and lend our nearly twenty years of experience to you.  We're the only ones that can see the way we do and we love shooting for couples that get that.


Q. How many Weddings do you photograph in a year?

A. We reserve a limited number of weddings per year. We are a Boutique Photography Studio and give our utmost attention to our couples.


Q. How about during the day, will you be directing or more in the background?

A. Definitely in the background... sometimes in the bushes, in a grassy knoll... Like a Ninja. But seriously, the only time you will be very aware of us is during the formal posed family/group shots. Which is a very small portion of your day.


Q. How much time do we need for pictures?

A. From our years of experience, A preferred amount of time would be one hour and forty minutes. In a perfect world, we would have unlimited amounts of time, but this is first and foremost your wedding day, not a photo shoot.

We produce the photo timeline for each and every wedding we shoot. This timeline details everything up until the ceremony. This allows for the two of you, any bridal party pictures and your immediate family pictures. Also, we have a small buffer built in to all of our timelines.

The “new” tradition is to have all these photos taken prior to the ceremony. It’s preferred, so you won't feel hurried. Also, keep in mind if photos run over post-ceremony, you are now causing the caterer to manipulate their schedule and this will cause things to feel rushed. Please contact us to discuss further.

*When it comes to your timeline, remember, if you think something will take 10 minutes, it will actually take 30 minutes.  Please don't make any final "Photo" timeline decisions before speaking to us.


Q. I have a list of all the photos I want you to capture, is that ok?

A. We do not work from lists. As documentary wedding photographers & a lovers of candid beauty, we find that we work best capturing what I see in front of me & keeping it real & honest, looking for the real moments of the day. Rather than following a 'shot list' and then potentially missing unexpected moments that may perhaps only be there for a few seconds. We are lovers of telling your story and the uniqueness of, which can't be organically achieved through following a list.


Q. Will you take posed family pictures?

A. Of course! These are very important. We have an extremely efficient method that we will go over with you prior to your wedding.


Q. Have you photographed at my Venue, I would like to see pictures?

A. Please keep in mind that as seasoned professionals, we can shoot anywhere. The actual question is; Have you ever photographed a Wedding? Having shot previously at a particular location and/or backdrop is not a requirement for great images. If you do see your venue in our portfolio, great, but try not to focus on that alone. Peruse all our galleries to get a proper idea of how we capture the essence of each couple. 


Q. Do you recommend a "First Look?"

A. If your wedding is taking place in one location, a first look, couple portraits and family/bridal party formals happening prior to ceremony is very, very important. Otherwise, we will be rushing through your shots and overall, it will be laboring. There are many more positives to having a first look and we can certainly discuss those with you.  But we must say, being told we have 20 minutes to capture 60 minutes of photos and flying through your portraits is a disservice to not only us, but more importantly you and the photos you will be left with after the Wedding Day is over.

When you have a first look, you actually have TWO moments, not just one. And the first is private and special and only shared between the two of you.


Q. When should we book you?

A. The short answer is, now.

By the time we receive your inquiry, its assumed you have looked at our portfolio, read our reviews and checked us out on social media to get a great overall idea of us and our work.

Reaching out to us is the next to last step. This is when we get to know each other, either by emails or a phone call. Whatever questions you have can be answered and we can ease your mind about any and all wedding related details.

We make it a point to only book a limited amount of weddings each year, so we can focus more on each couple individually and create a relationship with you.


Q. Do you have insurance?

A. Yes, we do.


Q. Should we meet with you first?

A. Most of our clients book us online following a phone, or email consultation.  If it's important to have a face to face, Skype/Facetime is an option as well. We love meeting couples, but understandably, scheduling can prevent that. 


Q. Will you edit all our images or just a handful?

A. We comb through every single image one by one. If you end up with 1000 images, you can be sure we saw each and made sure everything was just right.


Q. Do you give me the Raw files?

A. No. The time, care and expertise that goes into every individual image as part of our post processing is just as important as the capturing of the day itself, and defines the end product that you receive.  A RAW file is an unfinished product.


Q. How long will it take to receive our photos?

A. Our goal is always 30-45 days, sometimes we'll go over a bit but for the most part 30-45 days is realistic. Within a few days from your wedding, we will send you some teasers as we go. That's the really fun part for us!


Q. When you transfer our images to us, are they high resolution and is there a watermark?

A. They are high resolution and there is no watermark. If you want to print a 20 x 30 poster from any of them, you can and it'll look amazing!  These are YOUR personal images for your personal use ONLY. Also, we'll send you an extra set of images with our watermark for all your social media use. You'll receive a minimum of 800, but usually 1000+.


Q. What do we receive in a collection package?

A. Collection packages available to you (details sent to you when you inquire), include (but not limited to) coverage with both Kimberly + Barry, pre-event photo planning, photo timeline, images, prints, private gallery and post production Also, engagement shoots, rehearsal dinner coverage and wedding books are available.


Q. What is the difference between the 'Book' you offer and an Album?

A. Please refer to the following link, to see the beauty, of a GraphiStudio Italy YoungBook.  https://www.graphistudio.com/en_US/youngbook


Q. Do we have to have a pre-wedding shoot?

A. Absolutely not. This is not something that is mandatory and in some cases can stress you out. Contact us and lets discuss what will make you comfortable. Some couples bask in the spotlight and thats great, but we find many couples are more low-key and more into capturing them on the wedding day and all the feels that go along with it.


Q. Do you have backup equipment?

A. Yes, we have several professional bodies, lens, flashes etc…


Q. What is the best time of day for an outdoor ceremony? What is the best light? 

A. This depends on location and time of year. When you book with us, we will go over this with you for the best outcome. Hold off on solidifying these times and ceremony setups until you speak with your photographer and/or videographer (PLEASE.) You will get much better results. For example; you wouldn't want your ceremony, in direct sun, on a 90 degree day in July at 1pm...but that decision has been made more than a few times. We'll help you finalize the best time. It's a good idea to bring your documentation team in early enough to be able to decide most of the scheduling.


Q. Do we need to feed you?

A. Yes. We like to eat at the same time as you and your guests, so we won't risk missing any speeches or other important moments. Please request this from your caterer or venue. When everyone is eating there isn't a need for us to photograph, hence this is the best time for us to have dinner too.


Q. Can you recommend other Vendors for; Hair & Makeup, Floral, Music, etc?....

A. Yes. we have worked with many talented people and it's always good for a client to have a group that is comfortable and works well together for your Wedding.


Q. Do you have any Pet Peeves when it comes to weddings?

A. 1. Lateness. 2. Unprovoked Drama.


Q. I don't see my question here?

A. Just send us an email.   


We strive on forming a bond with our clients. If you connect with any of the statements below, then we're on the right track...

You're a little left of center.

You will happily take our direction and allow us to take part in not just your pictures, but your day as a whole.

You will consider us your friends on the day of your wedding and beyond.

You understand that your wedding is not a photo-shoot. It's your Wedding Day with real people and real emotions.

You love PUNK and 80's Alternative Music.

You love Animals.

You want to spend the day with people that understand you and your vision and vice versa.

You don’t take yourselves too seriously.

You understand what the day is really about and you're open and excited to have us document it.