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*We reserve a limited number of Weddings per year. Presently, we have a few late Fall 2017 and Intimate NYC Winter Wedding openings. Also, we are actively reserving our 2018 Calendar.  

We are a Boutique Wedding Photography Studio and by limiting our bookings we can give our full attention to our Clients. We do not have a team of photographers or farm-out to other companies. We believe that having us and us only with our experience, talent and service is of the utmost importance in creating beautiful images for your Wedding and you having a memorable experience. 

Please keep in mind that because of this, when you inquire we give a grace period of 14 days maximum in order to complete the booking process. Usually, this is ample time for a final review, chat, answer questions and/or meet. Also, this gives us the opportunity to be fair to other Clients whom are also inquiring to reserve the limited number of Weddings we offer per year. Furthermore, we offer a booking incentive within this time period. To reserve your Wedding, a Retainer and completed signed Contract are required.

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If you've made your way here, we've made a connection!  We would love to hear from you, get to know you and hear your story.  Cheers! K + B

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