We are a Boutique Documentary Wedding Photography Studio and by limiting our yearly bookings we can give our full attention to our Clients. We believe that having us with our 17+ years of experience, talent and quality service is of the utmost importance in creating beautiful photographs for your Wedding and you having an unmatched memorable experience. 

We understand that there are numerous photographer options for you to select from for your wedding. However, we consider our work to you as more than just images, for us it's a heirloom reminder of the day and the moments, emotions and timelessness to be charished for generations to come. Our photographs to you, are a connection and a reminder forever of your Love and the Day.

Please Note: If you're seeking the least expensive or collecting bids of numerous photographers, then you may find a better fit elsewhere. We prioritize working with Clients that want to work with us and value our years of experience to capture their wedding.

Our Availability: When you inquire, if your date is available and our calendar is still open, this may not be the case over the next month or so as we reserve our limited number of yearly bookings--regardless of a particular date. When we reach our maximum number of yearly bookings, we close our calendar. 

Also, please inquire with us directly and not through third parties (Planners) in regards to our current availability, pricing and booking process.

Please fill out the form below so we can get to know you both a little better. Once we have all the details of your wedding, we’ll be happy to go over our options with you.

Cheers! K + B

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